“You must persuade your colleagues, commanders and chiefs, and the mayors and governors who direct them, to halt the deliberate and devastating targeting of journalists in the field. We are at a crossroads for our nation,” (Underwood, 2020). A plea from the National Press Club signed by 18 organizations was released on Monday requesting the United States to restore the free press. 

It would seem years of division by the so-called President of the United States has left its mark; fueling tensions between the police force and the press during this unprecedented time of crisis. There have been reports, photographic evidence, and live video of reporters being arrested or shot at while doing their jobs.  These reporters clearly identify themselves as the press, they have their credentials clearly showing, and continue to be manhandled and abused by the police.  One would think our country is attempting to silence the free press!!

There is so much going on in our country and our world right now.  We NEED the press to whiteness it, to sound the alarm on abuses; yet it seems our government wants to keep us in the dark. They want us to think that Trump is in control, but I doubt even he believes that.  A pandemic, violence in the streets, reporters being beat by police, medics shot with gas and rubber bullets.  What is wrong with our nation, our leaders? You are not making America Great; you are tearing down the fabric of everything we hold dear.  Please resign, please step down, we don’t want you or your upside-down bible.

Underwood, L. (2020, June 1). Journalism groups call for police nationwide to halt use of violence, arrests against journalists covering protests. Retrieved from National Press Club: https://www.press.org/newsroom/journalism-groups-call-police-nationwide-halt-use-violence-arrests-against-journalists

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Again. The truth is the first casualty of this so-called president. And now more than even he wants to suppress it.

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